Friday, December 19, 2008

Parties Galore and Other Randomness

Last night, I finished my 5th party of the season. Most years I'm lucky to have ONE party much less five. But, all of them were fun in their own way and it was so much fun to take time out to visit with friends. They ranged from an office party unlike no other to a party with the seventh grade girls I teach. The office party was a lot of fun and we ended up donating $5,000 dollars to a variety of ministry areas around the world. Sometimes I think I work at the coolest place on the planet.

Random thoughts...why do people insist on adding lights, decorations and all kinds of other ridiculous stuff to their yards every year? What happened to tasteful decorations? Lights on the house, trees and bushes is one thing but lights on every freakin' surface is something else entirely. AL Power people must salivate at the thought. :-)

Have you seen the cars dressed up like reindeer? Seriously?! People buy this crap and then put it on their cars? No one will think your car is a reindeer. You just look stupid. Well, at least they have a sign so you know who to avoid. :-)

I'm off work in a little less than 7 hours for a whole week. Woo-Hoo!! I am seriously looking forward to some time off to visit with family, read, watch football and be generally lazy. But first, I get to go to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra tomorrow with my lovely sister who bought us tickets. Yea Sarah! I absolutely cannot wait. I'll post on the extravaganza next time I post.


Nicki said...

Okay, so I love Christmas lights, and as long as it doesn't look like you just rolled your yard in strings of colored bulbs, I'm a fan! And yes, I've seen the reindeer SUVs and I just think they are precious.

Nicki said...

phew so I think I should apologize for a recent rant that I posted with very similar timing to this one. anyway, it wasn't really directed at you; your blog just inspired the topic - which sounds weird. I SO didn't realize I had that much pent up frustration about the issue or that the post was going to turn out so negative! SORRY!!!!!!