Thursday, September 4, 2008

Life Update

Not that my life is all that interesting but just in case anyone in the blogosphere cares...

I'm headed to AZ again in a little over a month and still need $600 for my trip. I know we serve an awesome God and I'm having to trust BIG-TIME to see this money come through. I did get approval today to use three days of "mission trip" time so I don't have to burn all my vacation and have to take unpaid time at Christmas. That is a huge answer to prayer and proves again that God provides for the little things just like the big things.

In other news, I start teaching 7th grade girls on Sunday. I'll be team teaching with a wonderful woman but this Sunday I'm on my own because she's out of town. EEK, what was I thinking?! :-) In all seriousness, this is a different step for me based out of some serious prayer and a response to a question David posed to us on Staff Retreat. In short, I wasn't being as effective teaching adults as I can be investing in the lives of teenage girls. I feel this is where God is prompting me so I know He'll provide the strength but I'm still a bit nervous. I did get great advice from my friend Nicki tonight so I don't feel as overwhelmed. She's been teaching this age for over a year so she is the veteran in this. It's nice to have friends who are willing to share their wisdom.

I guess that's all or at least all of an update I have for now. I'm off to find something more interesting to do...

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