Thursday, March 6, 2008

How Great is Our God?!

So, I heard from OneWay that the May trip I wanted was getting close to full so I e-mailed practically begging for one spot. I also asked how much I owed. I knew I had a credit I just wasn't sure how much. So, Sheryl e-mailed me back that yes there was a spot and I had a $300 credit. That completely pays for my trip!! Minus airfare of course. Where the awesome God part comes in is that I didn't think I had nearly that large of a credit in my account. It's obvious God wants me in Arizona in May. Now we just have to pray down airline ticket prices. :-)

And pray that the federal government (namely IHS) gets in gear and lets me know something. Even proof they have my application would be nice. I know, I know patience is a virtue.

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nthelight079 said...

I promise I'm not the one praying patience over you!