Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don'tcha Love DVR?

I love watching TV on my DVR. I feel so much more productive. I can skip commercials, boring AI performances and annoying Ryan Secreast babble. How sad is this? But, I can watch shows I enjoy and still have time for other things. God gives us technology for a reason. :-)

On another note: still no word from the IHS. I even e-mailed the contact person to check and though she usually e-mails rather quickly (within 2 hours), this time I haven't heard from her since I sent the e-mail at 8:15 Monday morning. I'm trying to tell myself that she might be on vacation or out sick, I just want to hear something. I feel so strongly that this is where God wants me. Am I projecting what I want? Sometimes I just wish God still spoke through burning bushes. :-)

On yet another note: have you checked out airfare lately? Good Grief! The cheapest ticket to AZ right now is $316 and that one is on tiny planes and leaves at 6:00 on Continental. The Delta flight I took last October is over $450! The big prayer tonight is that flight prices will moderate or God will open the floodgates of financial support for me. I don't really care which. :-)

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Kid Johnny C said...

And for those of us who don't have cable and only the bunny ears, I wind up sitting with guitar in hand whilst watching Ryan Seacrest and the babbling judges. To which I will be doing the same thing tonight. :::sigh:::