Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where the Journey Started

Since I had an old blog, I decided to transfer those posts into this blog so new people could see where I've come from and how this journey all got started...

Post from 10/14:
Wow, how can one week (2% of a year) make SO much difference in my life? I just got back from Southern Arizona and I cannot begin to adequately express all that God did in my life. I feel such a pull to that part of the world and the TO people that my heart actually hurts and longs for them. It's amazing how quickly the sweet women and children can wrap themselves around your heart in a way that probably won't ever come unwrapped.

I saw so many instances this week of things that happened in ways that only God can get the glory. From men coming to church (doesn't happen there often) to women coming in droves for a woman's conference, to seeing the Milky Way with my own eyes, the list could go on for days!

I will be spending the next few weeks processing all that I learned and developing ways that needs can be met. The needs are so many and the workers are so few. I'm obviously praying that God will show me a way to help meet those needs utilizing people here and people on the ground there. I am asking for prayers as I seek to do what God desires for me to do in the timing He desires. Please join me in praying for the TO Nation and for Pastor Jay Juan. The enemy is at work on the reservation and our prayers can help support Jay and his ministry and defeat the enemy!

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