Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update Part 2

Post from 10/15

Man the enemy is swift. We all knew coming back from the trip that the enemy would attack and he didn't wait long. I found out last night that the church isn't hiring a singles' minister any time soon and the explanation isn't really clear. It's an area that I've had to work on for 2.5 years and I thought the church administration knew that this is an important area but I guess not. It's frustrating that we as a group of singles are tithing, serving, missions-minded members and our needs for leadership are continually ignored. Oh well, I'll keep working on what God calls me to do and tell the enemy to stuff it. :-)

The additional frustration came today. None of my research assistants were able to collect data last week and one of them has had to back out to work on her own project. A second one is dealing with some health issues and can't collect data this week either. This dissertation is getting more frustrating by the day, especially since I want to be finished so badly so I can move on to an area where I can actually help people instead of writing over and over. Can I go back to Arizona? Life's much simpler there. :-)

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