Monday, June 3, 2013

Firefly Island - A Book Review

From the Back:  Mallory Hale's life quickly veers off course when she falls hopelessly in love.  After a whirlwind romance, Mallory finds herself leaving the bustle and action of Capitol Hill for the remove town of Moses Lake, TX - with husband, stepson and U-Haul in tow.  A sweet, mishap filled journey into marriage, motherhood, and ranch living ensues, and Mallory is filled with both the wonderment of love and the insecurities of change. But what she can't shake is the unease she feels around her husband's new boss, Jack West.  Jack's presence - and his mysterious past - set her on edge and when hints of a scandal emerge, Mallory finds herself seeking answers...and comes to realize that the middle-of-nowhere home she wasn't sure she wanted is the very place she'll risk everything to save.

Synopsis: Mallory Hale is a legislative assistant in DC trying to step out of her father's influence.  On a random day, she runs into Daniel Everson - quite literally - and falls in love with his eyes.  She brushes off the encounter to her friends until she runs into him again.  After a crazy, short romance, Mallory finds herself stepping into the role of wife and mother.  The new family moves to Texas for Daniel's new job working for Jack West.  Moses Lake, TX is in the middle of nowhere and the house they'll be living in has seen better days.  Mallory isn't sure how she's going to survive in this out-of-the-way place.  She takes up blogging to try and keep her sanity and ends up developing quite a following.  As time goes on, Mallory finds herself falling in love with Moses Lake but at the same time questioning her husband's new boss.  What is he (or his son) planning and how will it impact Moses Lake for years to come?  Once Mallory finds out, can she stop it?

My Review:  Lisa Wingate is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors.  Her books always have believable characters and Firefly Island is no different.  Even though I can't see myself marrying someone in such a short time, it works here.  The storyline moves quite rapidly once you get started.  There's enough intrigue set within the romance to satisfy most readers.  Even though this is the third in the Moses Lake series, there's no more than a passing mention of previous characters.  You can easily pick this one up without having read the previous novels.  However, picking up all three would be a great idea. ;-)  Overall, I loved this book and it makes perfect poolside or beach side reading.

My Score:  4.5 bookmarks out of 5

Note:  Bethany House Publishers gave me a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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