Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week Thirty-Nine in Review

So this week was a little different than most...I ended the week by putting an offer on a townhouse.  I'm still a little shell-shocked by how fast this has happened.  I had a meeting two-and-a-half weeks ago with my financial guy to update my retirement since I've changed jobs.  While we were talking, he encouraged me to look into qualifying for a mortgage.  I assumed my student loan debt was too high but he thought I could.  So, I followed his advice and am so glad I did.  Within a week, I'd looked online at over 50 places and narrowed my search.  On Monday of this week, I went with an agent and looked at three places.  My first choice turned out to be a bust - it needed way too much work.  But, my second choice turned out to be perfect.  It's about eight miles from where my new office will be, in a gated community, and best of all, is being completely renovated inside.  It will have new paint, appliances, floors, windows, water heater, HVAC, duct work, and carpet.  I'm pre-qualified for a mortgage and hope to clear underwriting by the end of this coming week.  Barring any strangeness, I should close the end of November.  Pictures won't come until it's officially "mine.'

Other than the house, the week was routine.  I'm still loving almost everything about my job.  I still have a few things I'm having to figure out and it's harder to do that in a large organization.  But, there are so many benefits to working for CHOA, the few little issues are easy to address.  I'm so thankful God has put me in this place.  I'm blessed beyond measure.

Spiritually this week, I've been focused on the renewal of the covenant between God and the Nation of Israel.  Reading passages in Ezra and Nehemiah remind me of the importance of relying on God in any circumstance.  While they were ready to immediately begin rebuilding the temple, God's directions required them to build the walls around the city first.  The plan may not have made sense on the surface but God's goal was to protect His children from danger.  He knew what they needed.  It's always interesting to read through Scripture and find new points of emphasis.  This year God has shown me elements of His sovereignty throughout my readings.  I've seen it in so many ways not recognized in previous readings through the Bible.  I'm so thankful Scripture continues to come alive in so many ways.

I guess that's all for now.  I have one more book review to get posted - hopefully early this week though I make no promises. :-)  Will keep you updated on the house.  More next week...

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Brooke said...

Oh yay! Putting an offer on a house is so exciting - if not terrifying too! :) Keep us posted on how things go. Can't wait to pictures!!!