Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week Thirty-Four in Review

This is going to be a short week in review because I'm tired and don't have that much to share.  I started the week in Washington, DC for a meeting with my old job.  I had two bumpy flights but was proud of myself for flying without medication.  For those of you who know me, that's a BIG step for me.  I haven't flown without some sort of prescription relaxant in years.  I decided to just make the jump and I'm thankful I did - I had a really, really bumpy flight home on Tuesday but prevailed and came out stronger.  Yay me! :-)

I did find an amazing tapas place in DC and supposedly the chef/owner shares his recipes online.  I certainly hope so because the carrot dish I had was simply amazing.  And that's an understatement.  I'm not a huge cooked carrot fan (love, love, love raw) but these were simply a divine take on carrots.  If there was a carrot version of manna in the wilderness in OT times, this was it. Hope to find his recipe online soon and will try to replicate it.

Other than the quick trip to DC, the week was fairly boring.  I went to work, came home, went to bed, repeated the process.  I do have to say, I like the boring aspects.  There is a lot of work to do so I'm not "bored" at work - there's just no drama and for that I am immensely thankful.  I enjoy what I do and I'm beginning to feel like I know what I'm doing and can speak with some authority as to situations that come up during the course of a day.  It is hard to know the ins and outs of what my clinic treats on a daily basis but there is a need for our services and I'm glad God has put me there.

I guess that's really all for the week - I don't have much insight into what God showed me this week - I finished Jeremiah but don't have any thoughts I haven't already expounded on.  Maybe next week will be more profound. :-)

Until next week...

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