Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week Twenty-Five in Review

Wow, this week flew by.  It was a pretty low-key week compared to the last few weeks in my life.  In fact, it was so low-key, I don't remember much to blog about. :-)  I am finishing projects up at work and it's a bit surreal at work - I'm still working for GCADV and have things to do but it feels weird since I know my last day is two weeks away.  I imagine the feeling is only going to get weirder.  I am slowly checking off the things I need to do for my new job.  I think the only thing I have left is to get my employee ID badge made. That was supposed to happen last week but the system was freaking out so I couldn't do it when I had my pre-employment physical.  I do have to say, Children's Healthcare is on top of things when it comes to getting employees ready to work there.  The process has been so smooth and they have been there to answer any questions that might come up.  If working for them is as smooth, I can see why they are one of the city's top employers!

On my eating plan, it wasn't the best of weeks and I don't know why.  I really, really struggle with the willpower to avoid foods I know are bad for me.  I'm trying to come up with ways around it but I'm at a loss.  I'm continuing to try and eat healthier foods, it's just a struggle.  Also struggling to get back into an exercise routine.  I'm hoping and praying that having access to exercise equipment on-site at my new job will help motivate me to exercise.  Children's provides that free of charge to employees (and provides free access to a trainer and nutritionist).  Gotta love that!  I'm making plans to make a whole new start when my new job starts - new job, new outlook, new attitude towards food and exercise.  I'm spending the time between now and then doing the best I can, making plans and preparing.  We'll see how that works.

Spiritually this week, it's been more in the Chronicles and Kings.  I will say I am enjoying them much more this year than I have in years past.  I think the way the reading plan breaks them up makes them more story-like and you read the same story at the same time.  I'm amazed at the parallels I see in the way some of the kings of Judah acted and the way I have a tendency to act.  While they often followed God, they didn't necessarily give over 100% of their lives to Him.  Many of the kings left the high places built and that left the door open for idol worship.  I think about how that is reflected in my own life.  I leave access to sin open in my life and it can separate me from God's presence.  I pray that I recognize those times and work to pull down those idols.  For me, they change quite often - food, money, and worry are my three biggies but others sometimes creep in.  As much as I used to question the Israelites for their actions against God, I see clearly now how my own life is so similar.  I'm thankful God continues to work on my heart to make me more like Him.

This week promises to be more of the same as last week - finishing projects at work and preparing to move on to the next phase in my journey.  Topping of the workweek with a Braves game on Friday night with mom and Sarah.  Definitely looking forward to that!  More next week...

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