Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week One in Review

We'll see how updating once per week on life in general goes for a while.  I'll try to update each Saturday evening unless the unlikely (a date with a guy) happens.  If that happens, you'll probably get a breaking blog update. :-)

Week one of my new eating system seemed to work pretty well.  Of course, having leftovers from mom and dad's house helped but it was quite helpful to already know what was for dinner.  I'm also following Weight Watchers points (not going to meetings cause it's pricey) and I've done very well with my choices this week.  Hopefully tracking what I'm eating and planning ahead will help when life picks up the pace this week.  I haven't weighed myself yet since I was weighed at the doctor on Wednesday.  That weight was about where I was the last time I weighed so I have a pretty good idea where I'm starting.  Fortunately, based on my blood work results and my blood pressure, I'm healthy except for my weight.  Hopefully by this time next year, the weight will be significantly different too.

On another note, I found Pintrest and so far, it is definitely worth the time. I have found multiple recipes that are quite useful and I've tried three of them so far. One, the mug brownies, were wonderful and since it only makes one serving, can be made without feeling guilty. The second, homemade coffee creamer will be tried in the morning. The third, egg "muffins" will be tried on Monday. I'll definitely keep you posted. If you are interested in an invite and we're friends on FB, let me know and I'll invite you. Be warned though, you can lose track of time quite quickly. :-)

Week one was also a good week in terms of Bible reading.  I'm constantly amazed how re-reading Scripture, even those well-known stories, almost always reveals something new.  This week, while reading the account of the flood, I was amazed at the thought of how Noah got all the animals rounded up and onto the ark.  I wonder how exactly it happened...did God bring them to Noah, did Noah and his sons have to go animal hunting, God prompt the animals to just show up at the appointed time?  I know, you're probably thinking I'm nuts but on a certain level, it reminded me of God's sovereignty over the smallest details.  Those animals HAD to get on the boat and God in His infinite wisdom had a plan.  Scripture may not record it but you can count on the fact there was a plan.  I think that's a parallel to our lives.  We can't always see the recorded plan when life gets crazy but because God is God, we can be confident there is a plan.  Great revelations to start out the new year.
I'll end with what I'm making my New Year's resolution:  (1) God is God (2) I am not God (3) All my problems come from getting 1 & 2 reversed (4) All my solutions come from getting 1 & 2 back in the right order!

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