Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness & Badness

This is one of my favorite times of year but man it can be frustrating. My brackets are a mess after today's sessions. I had a good day yesterday, picking 14 of 16 games right. Today, not so good. I didn't miss a ton more games but the games I did miss have next round and beyond implications. I've already lost two sweet sixteen teams and may lose an elite eight team if FSU manages to lose. It has absolutely no bearing on anything important but I still like to see more green on my bracket than red. Plus, I like beating the guys in my bracket pool on Yahoo! :-)

I love watching basketball and CBS is making life great tonight. They are going back and forth between Siena/OSU and WI/FSU. Both are in OT; Siena/OSU is in double OT. Every time there is a break in one game, CBS switches to the other. Since I don't have a dog in either fight, it's cool as a fan. Almost feels like a sports bar. :-) I remember watching March Madness with friends at a place called PT's in Homewood. It was wonderful; big screens everywhere, friends to enjoy the games with and games from noon to close to midnight. It was worth the lack of sleep. Man, college life was better than the working world in that respect.

I think next year, I'll pick all 12 seeds. I was so happy yesterday to have finally picked a 12/5 upset and darn if the 12 seeds I DIDN'T pick have managed to win today. With FSU losing, three of the four 12 seeds have won. If I'd gone with 12 seeds, I'd only have lost one game rather than three. UGH!

Well, FSU just lost so I've lost three sweet 16's and one elite eight. The only silver lining is that I don't have money riding on my brackets.

Signing off for now to see if Siena can pull it out...

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