Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I spent my off day sleeping in and then going Christmas shopping. I am happy to report that I am almost finished. Just one more gift and a stocking stuffer and I am officially finished. Yipee! Of course, I still have chickens to buy but that's only a few clicks of the mouse. :-)

I do have a few observations from being out today. One, people are strange. I saw your typical weirdness at the Galleria and nothing in particular stands out but overall, there are some strange people in this world. Two, if you can't park your particular automobile in ONE parking place, please don't get out in public at busy shopping times. I saw more people today who seemed to think their car was so special they needed two or more parking spaces. Three, people seemed to be on their best behavior while I was out today. I didn't see anyone shouting at salespeople, cutting in lines and a few people who stepped in front of me actually apologized. I hope for the sake of those who are still shopping and those who are working retail that this trend continues.

It was a productive day and the best part is that I was home before 3:00!! Gotta love efficiency. :-)

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