Friday, September 12, 2008


Decided this post will be full of randomness. I'm really too tired to do much else but always seem to feel better after blogging...

Went to the Greek Festival tonight with my best friend. We hadn't seen each other to really visit in weeks and she has a baby coming so we took time tonight. Man, it was crowded but oh so yummy! I love that people who would never, ever support a church come out in droves to support the Greek Orthodox Church during the Greek Festival. Think God gets a chuckle out of that?

Then after visiting with Wen, I went to get gas. Well, I tried to get gas. The first station I stopped at had NO GAS. Really!? Seriously people, the refineries probably won't be damaged but the sheeple in this country panic at anything and put a run on gas. I actually NEEDED gas and ended up paying $4.32 for mid-grade because the cheap stuff was out. So glad my errands tomorrow are within 5 miles of home and work is less than a mile from home. Almost wish I didn't have to guest lecture downtown on Monday. ARGH! Stupid people.

Ever have weeks where you are just tired? I think God knew I didn't need to have John come to town this weekend, that I needed a "down" weekend. I'm looking forward to sleeping in, working on my small group lesson, running a few errands and then settling in with my friend Nicki for spaghetti and a movie. I love my simple life. I am tired from work, tired from school, just tired. Haven't been sleeping really well and that's affected by tiredness. I'm hoping it's a side effect of a med I'm on that will eventually go away. Maybe AZ will cure it. I'm usually so bone tired out there that I could sleep through the start of WWIII. :-)

Okay, enough rambling. I'm going to watch this week's Bones episode then crawl into my bed. One last thought...if you haven't read "The Shack," I seriously recommend it. Remember it's an allegory and you'll be fine. Read it literally and you'll be offended.

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