Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's Next...

Since coming back from Arizona in October, I've felt a pull to figure out some way to work with Native American populations full time. I was blessed to be introduced to Dr. Judy Thierry, the national Maternal and Child Health director for the Indian Health Service (IHS). While she was a wonderful person to contact and meet in person, she told me there are very few non-clinical jobs available at IHS. So, I came away from that encounter encouraged but discouraged at the same time.

Well, fast-foward a few months and lo and behold, I get an announcement about an Emerging Leaders Program at IHS. They are looking for people interested in public health (hey, that's me), possessing a bachelor's or masters' degree (hey, me again!) to apply for a two-year program in Rockville, MD. Could this possibly be God opening the door for me? Well, I read through the application and it looks doable. So, over the objections of my advisor (he really doesn't understand callings), I have applied. The application went off yesterday (2/27) and I hope to hear something positive back from them. While it won't be Sells, it will get me into the system and who knows what else God might have planned.

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